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The owners have spent a lifetime in the fiberglass industry. They started their careers in the boat manufacturing business over 40 years ago.

Recognizing a need for there expertise in the automotive industry they converted their skills to bring a higher quality to the fiberglass Corvette aftermarket industry. After much analyzing they choose to strike a deal with Greenwood Automotive productions to reproduce the legendary Greenwood Ground Effects products. This led companies in Central Florida to Mold Kraft to produce their fiberglass products from custom fabricated fiberglass Fountain Vaults to Golf Cart conversion kits. Mold Kraft Manufacturing has been trusted for the past 32 years to use their 64 plus years combined experience in custom fiberglass fabrication.


Quality in the fiberglass industry is a word that is used more as a sales tool than a description of the work & effort put into each and every part. At Mold Kraft we think very carefully about the use of the word & assure our customers that our "QUALITY" is unsurpassed. Our reputation as the NUMBER 1 QUALITY MANUFACTURER in the industry has been built on unequaled "fit & finish". The importance of this cannot be over emphasized.


To continue to bring the market the same quality that we have proven the past 32 years and for years to come, and drawing from those years of experience we are committed to provide innovation, design and world class products for clients.

Mold Kraft has specialized in manufacturing custom in-ground vaults (containers) for over 20 years. These vaults can be used for multiple applications. The one pictured below houses the pumps and filters for the fountain. It is 6’ X 6’ square, 3’ 6” deep, and has a 9” high/4’ square neck (with custom lid) that protrudes above ground level for service access.

Working directly with the builder we can customize your vault (container) to meet your needs. We can incorporate (fiberglass-in) almost any material. Do you need a steel plate glassed-in a few isolated locations for a particular need? We can do it! Do you need a steel beam protruding diagonally from each corner? We can do it! Like in the fountain vault pictured below, do you need to make multiple (waterproof) penetrations through the walls of the vault? We can fiberglass-in PVC couplers into the sides (click here to see example) so the field installation requires only gluing together PVC and mounting pumps. You tell us your needs and we can provide a product to meet those needs.


Although the fiberglass vaults (containers) initial cost is slightly higher than a concrete equivalent, once the choice to has been made to use fiberglass, everything becomes easier (cheaper).

(1). The most obvious difference is weight. Our vaults (containers) can easily be lifted and maneuvered into position by the same backhoe that dug the hole. A concrete vault requires a crane ($$$$) to lift it.

(2). If your needs do require extensive waterproof penetrations, then the advantages of transporting a vault (container) to the job site with the penetrations already finished can generate job site cost savings of up to 90%. There is absolutely nothing easy about making a hole in concrete, installing a coupler or pipe, and then having to reseal it back watertight.

(3). DURABILITY. Our vaults are not the cheap, thin fiberglass boxes that frequently fail in field applications. We have built multiple vaults that were squeezed into such tight locations that concrete would have to be poured directly up against it. The site managers would have to secure our vault into position so that the weight of the concrete would not move the entire unit, but the vault is built strong enough to easily handle the concrete weight pushing against its walls. Our vaults are water tight, we have vaults buried in the wet ground of Florida that were installed 20 years ago and still function like they were brand new. Concrete vaults, like everything made of concrete, usually develop cracks with age, and in this application that means potential leaks. Our vaults don’t leak when they are new, and they don’t leak 20 years later.

Give us a call or send an e-mail describing your projects needs. Maybe our vaults (containers) are just what you’ve been looking for to solve your problems.

Thanks, Russell E Mullen, president